Action Team #7

Project Name:
Quick, Easy, Accurate Resource Information

Team Leaders, Members and their Organizational Affiliations:

  • Sally Mellema – District Health Department # 10 Community Connections Supervisor


  • Megan England – District Health Department #10
  • Lisa Hanes
  • Demarie Jones – Disability Network Northern Michigan
  • Lana Payne
  • Alyson Kass – Munson Community Health, SUN
  • Marian Kromkowski – Leelanau County Probate and Family Court Judge
  • Kathy Sanders – BDAI

The system of behavioral health care is difficult to navigate. People and providers alike are unaware of the resources available to them and what insurances they accept. Additionally, those with co-occurring mental illness and substance misuse are often torn between diagnoses – forced to treat one issue before the other as a result of the lack of providers treating both.

Facilitated meetings of regional resource navigators to network and share knowledge about existing resources. Used this as an opportunity to gather detailed information about the requirements for the region’s resources in order to develop a shareable resource.

Facilitated a pilot meeting of resource navigators in the Grand Traverse region. Utilized the information gathered from this meeting to develop a map of the behavioral health and human service navigator/system in the region. Discovered that there is significant overlap between the care coordination organizations in the region.

  • Host more networking meetings for local care coordination groups and agencies to gather information about the care coordination network in the region.
  • Develop a survey to gather information from care coordinators about the care coordination groups they attend.
  • Continue to populate the map of care coordination groups in the region and expand to other regions.
  • If you are a care coordinator, contact us to share the information about the care coordination groups you attend!