Action Team #2

Project Name:
Reduce Stigma and Concerns Associated with Receiving Services (Youth)

Team Leaders, Members and their Organizational Affiliations:

  • Paige Pemble – Charlevoix County
  • Camden Carey – Charlevoix County
  • Jürgen Griswold – Antrim County
  • Lindsey Jibson – Charlevoix County
  • Elena Pizana – Manistee County

Adult Advisors

  • Hannah Rodriguez – Manistee County Community Foundation
  • Mishelle Shooks – Charlevoix County Community Foundation

Students and teachers do not have access to reliable information about mental health and the resources available to treat it. The disconnect between students and teachers does not help this situation; the generational divide about how to approach mental health paired with teachers’ lack of awareness of students’ personal situations can often lead to dismissal of the latter’s issues.

Developed Through Our Eyes: A Photovoice Project on Youth Mental Health and Wellness. Participants for the project consisted of Youth Task Force members and additional youth from across the NMCHIR’s 10-county region. The virtual Photovoice exhibit presents youth perspective on the stigma related to youth mental health. Also explored potential training options for school staff to participate in.

Through the Photovoice project, this group was able to gain youths’ perspective around the issue of stigma related to youth mental health and gather youth recommendations for how this issue can be addressed across the region.

  • The Photovoice project will be used as an introductory piece that will be brought to schools across the 10-county region to begin a conversation regarding evidence-based trainings related to stigma around youth mental health that schools could implement. Recommendations on follow up training and support for schools will be used as a call to action after this discussion.
  • A physical exhibit will be created for the Photovoice project, which will be displayed across the 10-county region at community events.