Strengthen Community

Project Name:
Know Your Neighbor

Team Leaders, Members and their Organizational Affiliations:

  • Ty Schmidt


  • Kayla Bussey – District Health Department #10
  • Rose Fosdick – Manistee County HSCB
  • Mary Gillett – NW MI Arts & Culture Network
  • Jim Moore – Disability Network Northern Michigan

September 2022 Behavioral Health Summit Materials


April 2022 Behavioral Health Summit Materials

This is a largely rural region; the population is dispersed and decision-making is de-centralized. This isolation, combined with the friction between long-term residents, part-time residents, and recent arrivals, hinders community connections. Furthermore, the region is not immune to the polarization that has happened around the country.

Promoted understanding of and resources for community building by conducting an environmental scan to establish existing tools for building community. Utilized these results to build a toolkit for community leaders to promote cultures of awareness, kindness, and acceptance.

Collected examples of community building resources from local residents. Complied these resources into a toolkit: Recipes for Community Connectedness