MiThrive Northeast Workgroup


The 2022 MiThrive Community Health Assessment revealed four priority areas critical to the health of our communities:

Northeast Workgroup Purposes

The Northeast MiThrive Workgroup is collaboratively working towards improving the community conditions within these priority areas by developing shared goals and powerful strategies. To learn more about this work and get involved, please contact: [email protected].


  • Support local data collection
  • Participate in assessment and ranking activities
  • Co-create a collaborative community improvement plan
  • Collaboratively implement a shared community health improvement plan

We Have Data

The 2022 Community Health Assessment reports are developed by MiThrive funding partners and utilize MiThrive data. 

The MiThrive Data Briefs provide regional-level data from the 2021 MiThrive Community Health Assessment organized by significant health need.

Northeast Data Briefs

2021 Northeast MiThrive Data Briefs

The Community System Assessment focuses on organizations that contribute to community wellbeing. It answers the questions, “What are the components, activities, competencies, and capacities in the regional system?” and “How are services being provided to our residents?” The MiThrive Community System Assessment 2021 Reports are organized at the regional level.

The Forces of Change Assessment aims to answer the following questions: “What is occurring or might occur that affects the health of our community or the local system?” and “What specific threats or opportunities are generated by these occurrences?” The MiThrive Forces of Change Assessment 2021 Reports are organized at the regional level.

There’s more to know

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this work