Personal stories hold transformational power. They are a powerful way to connect with others, build compassion, and change mindsets. By sharing experiences with mental health or substance use disorders, we can humanize the struggles faced by many in our region, foster empathy and break down barriers. Stories challenge misconceptions, paving the way for compassion and support. And, research shows that knowing or having contact with someone with a mental health or substance use disorder is one of the best ways to reduce stigma. When we know someone experiencing these challenges, mental illness and substance use disorders become less scary and more relatable. The resources today illustrate how to share your story and support the stories of others. Several examples of individuals sharing their stories are highlighted.

Record Your Activities for the Day

The challenge is designed to spur change – in mindsets, behaviors, opportunities and practices. Please help us keep track of how individuals are engaging with the 21-Day Stigma Challenge resources and actions. Each action you take, each resource you review, will add a ticket in your name to the drawing for one of five $100 gift cards at the end of the challenge.

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Personal Stories Drive Change

Listen to Episode 27 of the Stigma and Mental Health Equity Podcast: Hope Starts with Us to learn about how telling your story has the power to drive change.

Prepare to Tell Your Story 

Complete this short worksheet to prepare to share your personal story about how you’ve been impacted by poor mental health, mental illness, or substance use disorder.

Tools to Share Personal Stories 

Review the resources on the Share Your Story (SAMHSA) webpage to find any tools or supports you might need to share personal stories regarding recovering from mental illnesses or substance use disorders.

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