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The Northwest Michigan Community Health Innovation Region (CHIR) Behavioral Health Initiative (BHI) was launched in June, 2021 to respond to the spiraling behavioral health crisis in the region. Across all 10 counties in the region, children, youth and families experience significant barriers when attempting to access services and too few equitable opportunities exist for enhancing well-being and resiliency. As part of this initiative, a Blueprint for Action was developed based upon input from hundreds of cross sector stakeholders, residents living with behavioral health challenges, local and state level data, and evidence-based practices.

In November 2021, 140 cross-sector stakeholders convened and used this Blueprint to prioritize immediate actions to improve access to behavioral health providers/services and enhance well-being and resiliency.

Twelve action teams involving cross-sector leaders and staff were formed. Seven of these teams were working towards access to care goals including increasing the availability of providers/services, fostering easier access to services, and increasing willingness and ability to seek services. Five additional teams were working towards well-being and resiliency goals including promoting positive nurturing experiences, reducing risk, and strengthening community.

Since then, the Action Teams have been working diligently to increase access to services and promote community resiliency. The Behavioral Health Initiative hosted a second summit in April 2022, which led to the development of three additional action teams. Follow the progress of the action teams by exploring their project pages below.

Strengthening Behavioral Health Systems and
Promoting Well-Being and Resiliency


Action teams are divided into two categories:
Promote Access to Behavioral Health Providers and Services and
Enhance Well-Being and Resiliency

Promote Access to Behavioral Health Providers and Services

Enhance Well-Being and Resiliency