Stigma towards people with mental illness and substance use disorders is everywhere. You can find it in the policies and practices in our organizations, health care system, and insurance companies. You can find it in our federal and state policies. You can see it in movies, news reporting, and television shows. You can hear it in our daily conversations and watch it in daily interactions. You can see it in the shame within people experiencing these challenges. The resources selected today help to highlight the different types of stigma in our society and how they impact people with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Record Your Activities for the Day

The challenge is designed to spur change – in mindsets, behaviors, opportunities and practices. Please help us keep track of how individuals are engaging with the 21-Day Stigma Challenge resources and actions. Each action you take, each resource you review, will add a ticket in your name to the drawing for one of five $100 gift cards at the end of the challenge.

Do You Want To Learn More? Check Out These Additional Resources:

Stigma Experiences

Watch this video of people with lived experiences with substance use disorder in Northern Michigan talk about their stigma experiences and what helped them recover.

The Many Impacts of Self-Stigma

Read this blog from NAMI about the many impacts of self-stigma

Understanding the Types of Stigma Impacting  People with Substance Use Disorders

This 11 minute video describes the different types of stigma affecting individuals with substance use disorders and their impacts.

How Structural Stigma Impacts the Quality of Mental Health- and Substance Use Care

Learn how you can join the fight to dismantle structural stigma against mental illness and substance use disorders by watching this short video.

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