One of the best ways to fight stigma is through awareness and knowledge. Lots of misunderstandings exist about mental health and mental illness. For example, many people are unaware that  mental health and mental illness can be thought of as being on a continuum, so almost everyone will face some mental health difficulties at some time in their lives. And, society continues to treat mental illness as different than physical health challenges, even though mental illness is a disease just like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. This day will focus on helping people become more aware of what mental health and mental illness are and debunk some common myths that promote stigma and discrimination. By learning the facts we can help fight stigma!

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The challenge is designed to spur change – in mindsets, behaviors, opportunities and practices. Please help us keep track of how individuals are engaging with the 21-Day Stigma Challenge resources and actions. Each action you take, each resource you review, will add a ticket in your name to the drawing for one of five $100 gift cards at the end of the challenge.

Do You Want To Learn More? Check Out These Additional Resources:

Fighting Stigma Against Mental Illness

This video showcases seven residents of the Northwest region of the Lower Peninsula in Michigan and their experiences with mental illness. By sharing their stories and the impact stigma has had on them, they hope to create a community that is more accepting and supportive of people with mental illnesses.

We All Have Mental Health

Watch this animated video that is designed to normalize mental health challenges by spotlighting a few youth experiencing different challenges with their mental health.

Children’s Mental Health Matters

This toolkit from Mental Health America identifies how to determine if your child is struggling with mental health challenges and what parents, teachers and doctors can do.

What Are Some Common Mental Illness Conditions?

This web page from Make it OK web page includes brief descriptions of different types of mental illnesses and short video stories of individuals sharing their experiences with these illnesses.

The Stigma of Mental Illness: Is it All in Your Head?

This video discusses the various genetic, environmental and biological factors contributing to depression.

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