Strengthen Community Health Worker Network

Project Name:
Strengthening the Community Health Worker Network

Team Leaders, Members and their Organizational Affiliations:

  • Alan VanderPaas – Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA)
  • Maggie Sprattmoran – Self Employed Mental Health Professional
  • Kerry Baughman – Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency

Additional Partners:

  • Stacy Couch – Wellspring Lutheran Services
  • Jeanne Marriot – Bear River Health
  • Tara Rybicki – Munson Healthcare

September 2022 Behavioral Health Summit Materials


April 2022 Behavioral Health Summit Materials

Community health workers and system navigators across the region need additional education and coordinated support to effectively manage and refer the significant number of behavioral health cases they are confronted with in their daily work to the appropriate services and resources that exist within communities.

Facilitated conversations with regional partners, Community Connections and TCAPs, to help identify pathways to support schools in their endeavor to advance the practice of relationship building with youth. Working to support schools in providing referrals to more intentional and focused behavioral health intervention, when indicated. Exploring the opportunity to pilot the Community Connections program, with TCAPS Health and Wellness, to place community health workers in schools.

A connection with Community Connections and TCAPS Health and Wellness was successfully established, and discussions around piloting a community health worker in TCAPs schools have begun.

  • Continue to explore piloting a Community Health Worker in TCAPS schools. If the pilot is found to be effective, efforts will focus on expanding the program to additional schools. Consider future expansion of CHW role into other community settings.
  • Work with Community Connections to offer relationship-based professional development opportunities to regional community health workers and system navigators that will support opening and sustaining behavioral health-related pathways for clients.