Action Team #11

Project Name:
Reduce Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Team Leaders, Members and their Organizational Affiliations:

  • Pam Singer – Midland Kids First
  • Mary DeCaire – Alcona Health Center
  • Ginger Kadlec – Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Meg Mertaugh – Graber- Care-O-Van
  • Sharon Vreeland – 45th Parallel Resilience Network
  • Steve Wade – Grand Traverse Community Foundation

Additional Partners:

  • KaLeigh Shepard – East Jordan Family Health Center

The current system is ineffective at preventing ACE’s.

One barrier in this region is the lack of a shared vision around systematic data collection and sharing on childhood experiences with harm and trauma.

Explored opportunities to collaborate with regional schools districts and other key stakeholders. Determined that there is a lack of data around state of mental health, supports, and gaps, and a lack of shared understandings about current state of the system. Working to develop a shared vision around the needs in the region around the needs of children around ACE’s.

  • Across the region in 2018, an average of :
    • 38.5% of high school students reported exper iencing 2 or more ACEs
    • 14.4% of high school students reported having planned suicide in the past year
    • Near ly 40% of high school students reported having exper ienced a major depressive episode
    • Only 50% of high school students reported having at trusted adult they could talk to

Source: MiPHY, 2018

Conduct an interview with superintendents within the Northwest Education Services School District to determine what district initiatives related to mental health already exist and what gaps need to be filled.